Hey there! My name is Nafeu and I have been producing progressive breakbeats, trance, IDM and glitch since 2005.

I also make sample packs, tutorial videos, and compose soundtrack for videogames.

If you would like to collaborate, license my music or inquire about potential soundtrack work, please reach out at:

Lorn's Lure Cover
Lorn's Lure Soundtrack
June 14th, 2024
Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of composing soundtrack for my friend Rubeki's 3d atmospheric parkour platformer Lorn's Lure.
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Claes Rosen Stellarity Remixes
Claes Rosen - Stellarity (Phrakture Remix)
April 5th, 2024
Check out my breakbeat remix of Claes Rosen's Stellarity, out now on all major platforms.
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